Medical/Pharmaceutical Instrumentation
Weiss Gallenkamp Ltd
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Weiss Gallenkamp are world leaders in the deisgn and manufacture of Climatic and Environmental Test Chambers and Rooms. With over 35 years experience we offer the complete solution to life science, climatic and environmental testing needs, and we are the largest company of our type in the UK market. We provide Vibration Test Chambers from a capacity of 600 litres up to 2156 litres, and which are capable of attaining -70°C to +180°C. These chambers can also attain humidity levels of 10% to 95% RH. The chambers are constructed from corrosion resistant galvanized steel, adding to the durability, build quality and longevity of the equipment. In addition to our standard range of chambers, we have vast experience of providing bespoke solutions to customer’s needs. Weiss Gallenkamp also provide the largest service base of regional engineers, who are the most highly qualified and trained in the UK.